Voted 2011 Favorite Personal Trainer by Long Beach Press Telegram Readers

Thank you for voting me your Reader's Choice Favorite Personal Trainer

Long Beach Press-Telegram Reader’s Choice FAVORITE! The results are in! Thank you Long Beach Press Telegram Readers for voting me your choice of “Favorite Personal Trainer!” Its an honor and a privilege to help Long Beach get beach ready and FIT! I look forward to further serving the Long Beach […] Read more »

Long Beach Workout of the Week 8/1 Max Work for Time and Sandbags

homemade sandbag

Maximum work for time?!? That sounds like a prison sentence! Its not that at all. I prefer to call this workout “Whatchoo Got?” Its a test of work capacity, overall fitness, strength, stamina, endurance and sheer willpower. This workout uses all kinds of equipment: sand bags, jump ropes, Dynamax Balls, […] Read more »

Long Beach Workout of the Week 7/25 Deadlift Work and Crossfit Fran


Welcome back to this week’s Long Beach Workout of the Week. This week was another two for one. I paired up some pretty taxing lower body work for this week. First we started with some timed Deadlifts and then moved in to Crossfit’s benchmark met-con workout “Fran.” Workout of the […] Read more »

Long Beach Workout of the Week 7/18 Metabolic Conditioning

kettlebell jump rope

Whew! I’m sure everyone is glad that one is over. This week’s Long Beach Workout of the Week was a BREATHER! Non-stop movement and high heart rate fun! Everyone was surprised this week to start working in Kettle Bell Push Presses into the mix. Its fun to add some explosive […] Read more »

Calorie Counting: Are you Asleep at the Wheel?

blurry open road

To Count Calories or Not to Count Calories…that is the question. Though it sounds like a timeless quote from a Shakespeare play its as relevant as “To Be or not To Be.” You see whether or not you should count calories is a very relevant question. Some diets are built […] Read more »

Workout of the Week 6/27 Deadlift Burpee WOD


This week’s Long Beach Workout of the Week combined a strength component with a full body “gymnastics” component. This is really taxing to go from a heavier lift to a fast full body movement so the challenge is to stay on the “threshold” and start to learn your limits and […] Read more »