Monday Fitness Motivation: Shoot for the Stars

Motivation Monday Shoot for the Stars

If you’re going to go for it, GO BIG! I always hated the quote “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars.” That quote, by default, gives you the option to settle for less. The moon is attainable. It’s close.¬† I always liked just “Shoot for the Stars!” Let’s think about […]

Video: Killin it on Fitness Friday!

Fitness Fridays are for Going the Extra Mile Everyone killed it today! We had sledgehammer work, Prowler sled drills, a 10 min High Intensity MMA and Kickboxing Conditioning workout of the day, some surprises that no one expected! Great job to everyone who worked hard on their fitness! Long Beach is getting FIT!   Killin […]

Monday Fitness Motivation: Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward! Setting goals are a necessary in achieving anything in life. Fitness, career, relationships, etc. They all need you to have something to shoot for, otherwise you are aimless or directionless. Sometimes while we are busy achieving we hit a snag. When something goes wrong and we sit and analyze and get into […]

Monday Fitness Motivation: Stay Relaxed


Stay Loose, Stay Relaxed, Be Faster! Today in Small Group Training, we were doing boxing drills, pad work etc and I noticed one person was really trying to “muscle” his way through the combos. He was tight, muscles clenched, and punching hard. The problem was he was moving slowly and getting mixed up. I told […]

Monday Fitness Motivation: Just Start!

Monday Fitness Motivation Start

Monday Motivation: Start! Happy Monday! We all want to reach our goals. We may have simple ones or very aggressive lofty goals but ultimately we all want to achieve them. The problem most people have is actually starting. Sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing what first steps to take or we second guess ourselves and […]

Fitness Training isn’t about Biceps and Aerobics Anymore

Train Different- Long Beach- Strongman

Fitness Training has Evolved! I’m so glad that the times are changing. For the better¬† part of two decades the fitness industry has been stuck in a bodybuilding hamster wheel. Everything related to fitness was idealized by muscle magazines and aerobics videos. Men were supposed to be buff. The more muscle you carried the more […]

New Class: Small Group Personal Training on Tues and Thurs 5pm

Long Beach Personal Training bootcamp

ENLIST NOW! Now forming another Small Group Personal Training Class! With the other Small Group Personal Training classes filling up fast, there is now a Tuesday/Thursday evening group forming. It will go from 5pm-6pm. This group will meet twice a week. This class will have no more than 4 people in the class. Monthly Rate: […]

Persistence: The Key to Getting What You Want

Persistence-Motivation Monday

Monday Motivation: Persistence For today’s Monday Motivation, the word is Persistence. That never give up attitude. The Little Engine that Could. Stick-to-it-ive-ness. However you choose to look at it, it is the constant effort towards something that over time, incrementally, no matter how small a steps they are…will lead you closer to your goal. In […]