Never Limit Yourself

Never LIMIT Yourself

If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee Motivation

The sooner you identify the thinking that holds you back, the faster you can take your goals to the next level. This is why physical training is such a great overall confidence booster, you discover that self talk or limiting belief that is holding you back. You try new things that you never imagined you can do and then begin to believe that “If I can do that, what else can I do?”

Sometimes we need a push. I see this on a regular basis. A training client says “no way can I do that.” I’m always happy to see the look on their face when they accomplish what they believed was impossible.

Have a great weekend!

Small Group Personal Training Classes are Here!

Now Forming Small Group Personal Fitness Training Classes!

Do you love the individual attention of personal training?

Do you like a group exercise atmosphere?

Would you like to work out more often?

 Small Group Personal Training is for you!

These fun filled, high intensity groups are just what are needed to take you to your fitness goals.

What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group training gives the individual attention of personal training with the fun, fast paced environment of group fitness classes. Since the class sizes remain small, everyone can have the personal training experience.

Each session is 1 HOUR LONG, which includes:

  • Vigorous dynamic warmup exercises designed to warm you up safely
  • Flexibility and mobility exercises
  • Challenging drills to increase cardiovascular endurance and strength
  • Learning new skills and movements to increase coordination and balance
  • Core and abdominal training
  • Thorough cool down to promote recovery

This is a complete workout, from start to finish.

How does it work?

  • Group Size: Each group is no more than FIVE people. This is to ensure a small class size, and everyone gets individual attention.
  • How many groups: You can join either the Morning (7am) or Evening (4pm) Group.
  • How long: Each workout is 1 hour.
  • When: Workouts will be Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • How much?: To join either the morning or evening group it is $199 $175 per month.**Introductory Special!** This is the flat rate for the month.

This is a fun, fast paced way to get a complete workout that is challenging and (a little) competitive. Classes will fill fast so be sure to reserve your spot!

Click here to reserve your spot!

getstarted1Small Group Personal Training Classes in Long Beach


Nate is now Personal Training at No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy!

PT with Nate is now at No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy in Signal Hill!


With the needs of my current client base expanding and the potential for adding even more training options to the schedule, I chose No Limits Sports and Fitness Facility as the new base of operations.

Personal Training at No Limits Sports and FitnessNo Limits Sports and Fitness Academy is a 17,000 sq/ft.,  full service, sport and fitness training facility which offers a wider range of fitness options for me to pass on to personal training clients. Everything from free weights, to state of the art machines, kettlebells, climbing ropes, sleds, tires, medicine balls, punching bags and more, are available to help take your fitness to the next level. No Limits also has a full staff of highly qualified chiropractors and massage therapists.

This facility will be an excellent fit for my style of diverse training which incorporates many different training methods and athletic background. I feel this new location will enhance the training experience and allow me to reach more people with varying needs and goals. The advanced athlete, law enforcement, someone with specific fitness goals, special restrictions and corrective exercise, strength athletes and just the everyday person looking to lose weight for summer all will now have even more ways to get RESULTS when we train at No Limits!

In addition to personal training, look for small group training sessions to be added to the schedule.  This type of training will allow small groups to work together to enhance performance and results. This move is an awesome next step in bringing Top Notch Personal Training to more people and help more people achieve their fitness goals! Come check it out!

To schedule a FREE personal training consultation in the new facility feel free to email me.

The Key to Fitness: Happiness

jack lalanne fitnessI grew up in a fitness oriented family. My mom taught fitness classes, Jazzercise to be exact (yikes, no more silver leotards!) , my Dad was active in sports and I played outside til the streetlights came on. I was a product of the 70’s and 80’s I guess. My Mom was always fascinated by Jack Lalanne. She had all of his fitness gadgets and watched his show and, as a matter of fact, wrote to him and managed to sit down with him and interview him. I believe she still has the conversation on cassette. As a child that made an impact on me and how I viewed exercise, nutrition and fitness in general.

So today I happened to be looking around on Facebook (who doesn’t?) and ran across an old clip of Jack Lalanne talking about unhappy people. It piqued my interest because I was wondering how he would tie it in to fitness. Sure enough he did. Our body is an amazing machine but that amazing machine is made to move, walk, run, jump, bend, twist, lift, stretch etc. When we don’t move we become unhappy. This is one of the many reasons why, after surgeries, a physical therapist shows up in your hospital room to get you up and walk you around. It improves your mood and gets you healing!

Mr. Lalanne also mentions proper nutrition. Getting away from processed foods, fast foods, unhealthy foods. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meats, drinking plenty of water.  Most importantly he talks about being HAPPY. Improve your life by taking care of yourself.

Check out the video:

With the holidays around the corner, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Get plenty of water, quality food and plenty of exercise. Keep that body healthy and ultimately HAPPY!

Voted 2013 BEST Long Beach Personal Trainer by Long Beach Press Telegram Readers

Voted Best Long Beach Personal TrainerThe Readers of the Long Beach Press Telegram have spoken! They have voted me the Reader’s Choice “Best” Personal Trainer in Long Beach. I am truly grateful. I appreciate this immensely. In 2011, I was voted Favorite Personal Trainer in Long Beach by Readers of the Long Beach Press Telegram. This year’s vote is yet another great honor. As I continue to serve Long Beach in providing excellent service and high quality, affordable Personal Training to the Long Beach area, I look forward to meeting many more of its fitness minded residents and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Click here if you would like to set up a FREE Fitness Consultation

My Best Personal Training Deal EVER

Achieve your Fitness Goals in Record Time!

fitness-goals-worriedIf you’re reading this, chances are you are trying to figure out what you want to do with your fitness program. Maybe you have one in place, maybe you don’t and would like one. There are so many ways to go about getting fit that it can be confusing. How often do I work out? How long? What works? What doesn’t? Do I work with a trainer? Can I do it on my own? How much help do I need?

Everyone needs some help

I’ve been a Fitness Trainer in Long Beach for over 13 years. I’ve talked to hundreds of people about personal training. Some trained with me, some did not. What I’ve found over the years is that you’re going to get help from somewhere. It might be from books, the internet, an exercise class, a personal trainer etc. The more in-depth your help, the more you increase your chances for success. I’ve found that the more help you have in ALL aspects of your goal, the faster you’ll achieve it. The less help you have, or the more you try to “figure it out” the longer it will take.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with A LOT of great clients for a very long time. They have been quite diligent and have made significant strides in their fitness.Some came to me completely sedentary and have built up to running 5k, 10k’s, Mud Runs, and half marathons!

I asked myself: Why?  What makes them successful?

SuccessOf course I’d like to believe its my sparkling personality but let’s be real. When you’re talking fitness, its all about improvement and results first.  I discovered there were a few important things that need to be in place to be successful in reaching your fitness goal.

To get the best results: Two times a week with a trainer is the minimum!

To make real progress you need to put in the time exercising. Once a week is just not going to cut it if you have a serious fitness goal. 90% of  my clients see me twice a week. Some do three, only a couple do one (but they work out on their own throughout the week) but nearly everyone does twice a week. It gives them enough guidance, accountability and a “push” to help them stay motivated and give them the bare minimum of exercise needed to improve their fitness.  If you are looking to make a change, work out a bare minimum of 2 times a week.

Most people do 30 Minute One on One Sessions

Long gone are the days of marathon 2-hour workouts. Studies are showing short burst, high intensity workouts are more effective. Not only are they more effective but they are more economical. One hour training sessions can run anywhere from $50-$70+ dollars! Many 1-hour training sessions are spent resting. Why pay a trainer to watch you drink water? I believe in “get the work done and go home.” What we get done in a half hour, most people do in a full hour. That’s just the intensity level that I work with people. In our workouts you’ll learn new skills, work on your balance, agility, complete a Workout of the Week or two, build endurance and strength, and more. We work fast (at a pace safe for you), very little actual rest and burn a lot of calories. It’s what I have discovered to work the best for nearly everyone I have encountered.  We train like athletes.

“What can I do on my own?”

Often when someone works with a personal trainer, they feel that they don’t have to do any other working out…as if that’s all that is needed. Many people don’t know HOW to work out on their own. This is why I like to give “homework.”  I’ve found that many of my clients like “homework” workouts that they can do between our workouts. This is a time where you can work on a skill, build up your own intensity, challenge yourself and then brag about it to me later.

Nate I have a question. :)

Sometimes you just need some guidance. You’re not sure what stretch to do if you’re sore, what you could eat when you go to a restaurant, how to do a certain exercise, etc.  I get questions about anything a client may be struggling with from how to do an exercise or “is this a good choice for me to eat?” or even “tell me to go to the gym…I’m feeling lazy!”   I’m excited to receive those because it means my clients are motivated and excited about their fitness and I’m happy to help keep them on track. This is why some people do online personal training. It gives them a little extra push.


This is the #1 word I hear when I meet with a new person. They need accountability.

“I just won’t do it on my own.”

“It helps when I know I have an appointment.”

“I need that push to get me in to the gym to exercise.”

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry…you’re not alone. A LOT of people say the very same thing.

The bottom line…

I created a package that covered everything needed to give you the personalized workouts you need and had accountability and guidance built in to almost guarantee success!  Training twice a week, extra “homework” workouts so you can work out more, text message/email tech “support” and packaged it into my Best Training Deal EVER!

I call it…

My Best Training Deal EVER!

Clever, huh?

Here are the details:

  • 8 One on One Personal Training Sessions (30 min/2x a week)
  • 1-2 Extra “Homework” Workouts each week
  • Email/Text Message Tech “Support” to help with anything fitness related that you may be struggling with.
  • PLUS an An All Access Membership to The Fit Stop ($25 value)

All this for only $199 per month!

Normally 8 sessions would be $232, extra workouts from a website is usually $14.99 (and these are not customized for you), to have an online trainer’s support is usually $39 per month and a gym membership can run anywhere from $20-$40 a month. That’s nearly $325 dollars!

My “Best Training Deal EVER” gives it all to you for $199!!


So here is how it works:

Twice a week you work out in your One on One Personal Training Sessions, in between you’ll have your “homework” workouts to do. Those workouts will be designed specifically for you based on what we are working on that week. With your All Access Membership to The Fit Stop, you are welcome to come in and do your workout. If you prefer, your “homework” can be structured to do at home, or at another gym. Whatever works best for you. If you have questions about anything throughout the week you are welcome to email, text, or call me directly and your questions will be answered.

This program is the ultimate way to help you build consistency and keeping you accountable to your fitness.  By building a regular consistent fitness routine that is personalized exactly for your goals, you’ll stay on track and reach your fitness goals faster.

If you are ready to achieve your fitness goals click here to set up a FREE Fitness Consultation.



What Do You Need to Reach Your Fitness Goal?

What is the one thing that will determine whether you succeed or not in your fitness goal?

How you eat?

How much cardio you do?

How often you change it up?

Yes and no. Its more simple than that. The key to succeeding in your fitness goal…or any goal, for that matter, all boils down to one word. It’s not willpower, great genetics, a live in chef or a super nice treadmill that is steps from your bedroom. To succeed in reaching your fitness goal you need to have…


The one thing we all know to be true is that time will pass regardless of what you do. Whether you avoid your goal or face it head on. Time will pass. The key to getting what you want in life, in the gym, in anything is to consistently doing something to help you get closer to your goal. Little things. No one hops on a treadmill for an hour and drops all the weight they want to lose. No one goes for a jog and is ready to run a marathon. It takes work. It takes time invested.

If you consistently work on something, no matter how tough it may seem, eventually you’ll start to see yourself closer and closer to achieving that goal. Usually people take the opposite approach. They see a task as too tough and just never start. The people that at least try soon see progress and eventually succeed.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Have you ever started doing something, consistently, and told some friends about it because you were excited? This new thing, new habit, new endeavor was exciting to talk about with your friends at first but after a while sort of dropped out of conversation. Then you see that friend after a few months and bring it up again. 9 times out of 10 you hear “Oh, you’re still doing that?” That is consistency and chances are you made some great progress along the way so you have something to brag about!

The bottom line is: Time will pass either way. Whether you do something or not. If you want to make a change in your life you may as well start doing something, anything. Little steps lead to big steps over time.

If you’ve been looking to get your fitness on track, start looking for ways to make health and fitness a CONSISTENT thing you can add in to your life. It may be tough at first but over time you’ll start to look back and remember how tough it was and now laugh because those things that challenged you before are now EASY.

Voted 2011 Favorite Personal Trainer by Long Beach Press Telegram Readers

Long Beach Press-Telegram Reader’s Choice FAVORITE!

The results are in!

Thank you Long Beach Press Telegram Readers for voting me your choice of “Favorite Personal Trainer!”

Its an honor and a privilege to help Long Beach get beach ready and FIT!

I look forward to further serving the Long Beach community and helping more people achieve their fitness goals and live a healthy active life!


If you want to join in the fun and are in the Long Beach or Lakewood area, let me show you what One on One Personal Training  can do for you! Feel free to email me today or call 562.225.2244 for a FREE Consultation.

Long Beach Workout of the Week 8/1 Max Work for Time and Sandbags

Maximum work for time?!?

That sounds like a prison sentence! Its not that at all.

I prefer to call this workout “Whatchoo Got?” Its a test of work capacity, overall fitness, strength, stamina, endurance and sheer willpower.

This workout uses all kinds of equipment: sand bags, jump ropes, Dynamax Balls, kettle bells etc. I’ll let the description do the talking:

Workout of the Week: “Whatchoo Got?”

50 Wallballs (10#/20#)

50m Sand bag Carry (45#/70#)

50 Situps

50m Sand bag Carry

50 Pushups (bar/floor)

50m Sandbag Carry

50 Kettlebell swings

50m Sand bag Carry

50 single under jump rope

50m Sand bag Carry

15 minute time limit to get as much work done as possible. If you get to the finish, start over again!

So the basic rundown is this: each exercise is done to completion and then there is a 50 meter sand bag carry. The ladies carried a 45lb bag and men a 70lb bag, then they move on to complete 50 reps of the next exercise, with sandbag carry to follow again. So on and so forth.

This was a great little functional workout test. I was really excited to see everyone learning new fitness “levels” they could test out. Everyone got really good at keeping a constant quick moving pace to get the MOST work done in the shortest amount of time. Isn’t that what being FIT is all about? Farther, faster, stronger, quicker.

Here are the results:

Ladies Results (1-5 or ALL) Men Results
S.W. ALL+ 13 wallball M.L. (135#) 3 ex. + 18KB
M.K. 1-5+25m carry
M.R. 1-5 (no final carry)

Great job everyone! I was happy to see everyone just working hard and checking in with me for the time so they can adjust their pace. Everyone kept moving fast and from the sweat and rosy cheeks…got a great workout.


If you want to join in the fun and are in the Long Beach or Lakewood area, let me show you what One on One Personal Training  can do for you! Feel free to email me today or call 562.225.2244 for a FREE Consultation.

Is YOUR Workout a Waste of Time?

Are you just spinning your wheels and going no where?

I’ve seen it for years. When I worked at a big corporate gym (rhymes with 24 Hour Fitness) I would see members day in and day out that were absolutetly committed to spending time getting NO RESULTS. They would come in religiously, sweat and toil away (well…maybe thats a bit too much credit) and never make any progress. I don’t say this to be mean but rather to shed some light on what 90% of the gym going population has accepted as OK. “Doing something is better than nothing” they say. I say thats a load of crap.

Sorry to put it so simply but if I’m going to do a lot of work and convince myself of the “no pain, no gain” idea…I had better be making some change. Somewhere!

So here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure you aren’t wasting your time and energy in the gym:

Are you improving?

This is the most basic question. Are you making any improvements? You see, many people follow this formula. Find a workout (either from a magazine or what they learned over the years) and then they do said workout. Over and over and over. They might change it up a bit by adding in an exercise here or there but by and large  it mainly goes unchanged. This was the case that I saw with the  bulk of the people at the big corporate gym. Like clockwork I would see the Cardio Queens hop on their treadmill or elliptical trainers, or the old gym rats that would do the workout they remember from high school. Never changing, never improving.

How do you know?

How do you know if you are improving? Quite simple, you measure it! Improvements and results are measurable, plain and simple. Just like food tracking/meal planning you can’t know how you are doing unless you know WHAT you are doing. If you can’t measurably see change, you are plateauing and thus not changing.

Here are some ways to check if you are improving…

Are you better, faster, stronger?

Can you run faster or farther? Jump rope longer? Have you improved on a particular skill? Are you lifting more weight? Doing more reps? If you are following along a workout from a magazine or what you have “always done” and you know you always lift 10 lbs or always do 12 reps…well you have plateaued LONG AGO!

You have to be able to observe or measure SOME sort of progress, otherwise you will stay comfortable and spend weeks, months, or even years…getting NO RESULTS.

Is your body changing?

Now it doesn’t always have to be about lifting more weight. If you have a goal of losing weight or toning up, a great way to see change is weight, body fat testing or even better…your clothes are getting too big! This is a RESULT! It means you are doing something right. Kudos to you.

Is “something better than nothing?”

No. Sorry…maybe its the trainer in me but I don’t think that just doing SOMETHING is a positive way of looking at things.   As a trainer you had better expect me to to have this attitude or I’d be wasting my client’s time by babysitting them rather than expecting more and more out of them. I expect measurable changes. That’s how I know I’m doing my job. So if you’re in the gym you have to remember…

Doing something with the goal of setting a new record for yourself is better than nothing.

This should be your new mantra. I would hate to see you waste years of working out and not see ANY results with all the effort you put in…or should I say the time you spent. I want you to have something to show for it. Something you can be proud of. A measurable change! We all want a return on our investment (of time) so you should expect MORE of yourself each and every time you break a sweat.

So here is what you should take away from all this…

Work out with a purpose. Push towards a goal. Strive for a few more reps, finishing your workout a little faster. Those are small changes you can make initially. Find exercises to better, stronger, faster at. I have certain benchmarks and “games” I play with my clients to give them some idea of their level of fitness. I call it our Long Beach Workout of the Week. We do this to measure improvement and push to new limits.

If you just start paying attention to how much you are staying in the “comfort zone” you will see when you start to stagnate and more importantly you’ll know WHY. Keep track of certain exercises, workouts etc and see if you are making changes in them.  It can be your own personal motivation tool and also an indicator that you are getting RESULTS from all this hard work.

So now you know what to look for and how to make some changes to your “routine.” (Your fitness should be anything BUT routine, by the way) Armed with this knowledge and renewed sense of purpose…go out there and make some measurable change and EXPECT RESULTS!


If ready to make some big progress and break through some plateaus, let me show you what One on One Personal Training in Long Beach can do for you! Feel free to email me today or call 562.225.2244 for a FREE Consultation.