Bring a Friend Referral Reward Program!

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Do your friends ask you about what you are doing at the gym in our Small Group Workouts or in One on One Personal Training? Would you like $25? Who doesn’t want $25?! Chances are you have a friend/family member/coworker/Facebook friend that has asked you about your workouts. They see pics, videos or a check […]

HUGE Summer Sale on Small Group Training

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Small Group Training Summer Sale! Save $50 of all classes! Summer is here. Time to get serious about your fitness and Small Group Training is a SERIOUS WORKOUT. If you’ve wanted to take your current fitness routine to the next level, this is your class. If you need a jump start to get you working […]

Fitness Friday: Parkour, Sled Racing and Oly Lifts

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Fitness Friday Recap: The Ultimate in Cross Training This week was a GREAT week for cross training. Sunday’s Small Group Training Class did a beginner’s Parkour workout, proving that having FUN should always be present in any fitness routine. We definitely played but the sweat was pouring:   Its fun to sneak some beginning #parkour […]

Monday Fitness Motivation: Accept Yourself

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Motivation Monday Quote of the Day: Accept yourself Don’t compare yourself with someone else’s version of happy or thin. Accepting yourself burns the most calories. –Caroline Rhea Often we get caught up in how we should look, behave, our image or our success. The biggest challenge anyone of us has in this world is fully […]

Workout Theme Thursday: Body Weight Exercise Training

Free Small Group Personal Training Class in Long Beach

Body Weight Exercise Training this Thursday! This week’s Thursday Workout Theme will be Body Weight Exercise Training. Everything you need to get a high intensity, fat melting workout…without touching a single piece of equipment. Everything from flexibility, warmups, strength, balance and coordination will be covered. We’ll use elements taken from sports, gymnastics, parkour, MMA and […]

Try a FREE Small Group Personal Training Class!

Free Small Group Personal Training Class in Long Beach

Try a FREE Small Group Personal Training Class and See For Yourself Why it’s One of the BEST in Long Beach! Seeing is believing, right? Well DOING is even more than seeing! Come join us for a FREE class and see what all the hype is about. Each class covers: A complete dynamic warmup to […]

The Top 5 Best Fat Burning Diets that Work (for me)

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The Very Best Fat Burning Diets Ever Invented in the World! (for me) The internet, TV, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, every morning show and every Pinterest board has a ton of “expert” diet advice on the latest and greatest way to lose weight. We are bombarded with the latest methods, surefire, easy methods to drop […]

Monday Fitness Motivation: Just Keep Pushing

Fitness Motivation Keep Pushing

Whatever Your Fitness Goal: Just Keep Pushing! When we start out after our fitness goals we always start off full speed, full intensity, super excited and ready to succeed. As time goes on, things can get monotonous, results may be slowing down, you can lose focus, motivation or even interest! This is when it’s really […]

Monday Fitness Motivation: There is No Try


Happy Star Wars Day! Of course it’s the perfect day and an opportunity to bust out a Yoda quote. “Do or do not. There is no try.”– Yoda Why? Often times, I hear “I’m going to try.” The word “try” is the word we use to give ourselves an out. A back door that let’s […]