Fitness Training isn’t about Biceps and Aerobics Anymore

bodybuilding trainingFitness Training has Evolved!

I’m so glad that the times are changing. For the better  part of two decades the fitness industry has been stuck in a bodybuilding hamster wheel. Everything related to fitness was idealized by muscle magazines and aerobics videos. Men were supposed to be buff. The more muscle you carried the more “fit” you were. Women were scared to death to gain any amount of muscle. I heard it for years: “I don’t want to get any muscle and look like those bodybuilders.” For years, all of this…was bullshit.

The Dawning of a New Era for Fitness

As bodybuilding fades out, a new breed of athlete enters the scene. The endurance athlete that is strong…or…The strength athlete that has stamina. The average person who can do extraordinary things because they broke the dogmatic training standards of the 80’s and 90’s and began to cross train. The athlete of today is not so one sided. It’s not just about muscle or how long you can go in step class.  With things such as Crossfit, 5k’s and 10k’s with obstacle courses, triathlons and other activities on the rise has forced fitness routines have to be diverse. Strength, stamina, coordination, skill, endurance (on many levels) and functional movements are all factors that decide who is “fit” nowadays. I’ve always been an advocate of using the best of every sport to train. Finally fitness is catching on.

It’s not uncommon to see training programs that incorporate boxing, martial arts, yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT),  sports specific exercises, power-lifting movements, strongman training, olympic lifts, kettlebells,  gymnastics and more! All of those specific athletes all have a specific skill set and to use the best of their methods in a well rounded fitness program is smart programming and makes for a better workout. It will definitely be a more fun too!

How are you shaking up your workout?

Train Different- Long Beach- Strongman

Who would have thought using a sledge hammer and a tire would give a great workout?

Are you “cross training” or are you still doing the same old “chest and arms,””legs and shoulders,” cardio, type of routine that was popularized in the days of old?

It’s time to make some changes. Time to infuse some new fitness methods into your routine and start making PROGRESS again!

The point of exercise is to challenge your body so that it is always adapting and you are always improving. Doing the same old routine is not progress…it’s barely maintaining. You can’t expect to make changes by doing the same old thing.

I challenge you to learn ONE new thing from a different discipline. Maybe it’s incorporating a yoga move, or adding in some sprints or even learning to do a handstand. Do something different! I guarantee your fitness level will change.

If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, let’s get started! Email me and we’ll shake up your workout program and get you back on track and making progress!



Monday Fitness Motivation: Work

Fitness Motivation for the week: Work

There is no substitute for hard work. Every great achievement in the world came about from work and effort being put in to make it happen. This is why the word “workout” has the word work in it! So let’s get back to work!

Here are a few quotes to get you back on track and working toward all of your goals.

long beach personal training fitness quotes work


New Class: Small Group Personal Training on Tues and Thurs 5pm

ENLIST NOW! Now forming another Small Group Personal Training Class!

Long Beach Personal Training bootcamp

With the other Small Group Personal Training classes filling up fast, there is now a Tuesday/Thursday evening group forming. It will go from 5pm-6pm. This group will meet twice a week. This class will have no more than 4 people in the class.

Monthly Rate: $145

This class will fill up fast so grab your spot now before it fills up!

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Persistence: The Key to Getting What You Want

Monday Motivation: Persistence

Persistence-Motivation MondayFor today’s Monday Motivation, the word is Persistence. That never give up attitude. The Little Engine that Could. Stick-to-it-ive-ness. However you choose to look at it, it is the constant effort towards something that over time, incrementally, no matter how small a steps they are…will lead you closer to your goal.

In fitness, this persistence can be sticking to your eating plan, getting out to walk every day, hitting the gym regularly, getting plenty of rest or something as simple as drinking water consistently. Whatever those small steps are that you know are important to helping you reach your goal, you need to start doing them consistently and persistently.

“Time will pass either way so you may as well do it.” -Sonnjea from Small Group Class (yesterday)

She makes a great point. As time keeps ticking away, think of all the little baby steps you can keep, persistently, doing that will help you move closer to your goal. Little teeny tiny things you can do regularly that, over time, add up and can take you leaps and bounds forward.

Homework: Start doing something TODAY. Something very small that you DECIDE to do REGULARLY, peristently.  Do it for a month. After that month, look back and see how far you’ve come. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how such a small act can take you so far. It will encourage you to take more small steps and become a master of Persistence!

Just remember: Either way…time will keep passing so you may as well start NOW!

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!

Hard Work and Fitness! Tire Flipping Fun

Unique Fitness Training is Where it’s At!

Whoever said that there is an easy way to get what you want apparently never worked out. Some of my favorite fitness things to do with clients are also some of the most eclectic forms of training. I love the uniqueness of athletic training, the skill and coordination of martial arts training and the fun and challenge of strongman training, powerlifting exercises and gymnastics based movements.

Here is Richard and Sonnjea from my morning small group class working on their tire flipping technique.


As you can see, it’s mostly about form. If your first thought was “No way can I do that” then you NEED TO TRY IT! It’s fun and once you get the hang of it is quite a confidence (and fitness) builder.

Click here for more info on my Small Group Personal Training

Fitness Throwback: Squat Like A Baby

You can learn a thing or two about squatting from babies…

Does the thought of getting down on the floor leave you with dread? Do you groan when getting up from sitting in a low chair?

You're All Grown Up But Can't Squat?Have you ever watched an toddler walking around? They periodically will just sit in a deep squat, effortlessly! If you can’t do that too…you have failed your inner toddler.

Being able to squat down correctly is nature’s built in chair. In Asian cultures you will commonly see the elderly sitting down in a deep squat position, just resting. Somewhere along the lines, here in America we have lost that ability. This is a natural flexibility move that, once regained, will more than likely cure many of the ailments that hinder us from being active. Back pain, knee pain, weak hips and more are all a result of a lifestyle of decreased strength, mobility and activity. As a Long Beach Personal Trainer, the squat is the FIRST thing I teach to every new client and it is a fundamental move in almost every workout. No matter who it is, I expect a squat.

The Perfect Squat

How to Squat Like A Baby How to Fix Your Broken Squat

Most issues with your squat can broken down into SIX things:

  1. Tight and weak hips
  2. Tight inner thighs
  3. Weak hamstrings
  4. Weak Core
  5. Weak Upper back
  6. Tight Calves

It may sound like a lot but it’s very correctable. How? Start squatting and start stretching! As we became adults we started moving less. Our range of motion diminished as we sat in office chairs, couches, bar stools (ahem, ahem) etc. The demands on our bodies decreased and as the saying goes “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” So now is the time to take back your Baby Squat! Stretching those areas that bind you up and inhibit you from getting into a full squat helps, beginning to squat at an ever increasing depth with GOOD FORM is a MUST!

Rome wasn’t built in a day but with time and practice you can regain your ability to squat and probably clear up quite a few aches and pains in the process. Give it a shot! It’s time to get back to your ROOTS and learn to squat like you did as a baby!

If you need help getting your squat back, I’m here to help!

Happy Throwback (to your Baby Squat) Thursday!



Never Limit Yourself

Never LIMIT Yourself

If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee Motivation

The sooner you identify the thinking that holds you back, the faster you can take your goals to the next level. This is why physical training is such a great overall confidence booster, you discover that self talk or limiting belief that is holding you back. You try new things that you never imagined you can do and then begin to believe that “If I can do that, what else can I do?”

Sometimes we need a push. I see this on a regular basis. A training client says “no way can I do that.” I’m always happy to see the look on their face when they accomplish what they believed was impossible.

Have a great weekend!

Small Group Personal Training Classes are Here!

Now Forming Small Group Personal Fitness Training Classes!

Do you love the individual attention of personal training?

Do you like a group exercise atmosphere?

Would you like to work out more often?

 Small Group Personal Training is for you!

These fun filled, high intensity groups are just what are needed to take you to your fitness goals.

What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group training gives the individual attention of personal training with the fun, fast paced environment of group fitness classes. Since the class sizes remain small, everyone can have the personal training experience.

Each session is 1 HOUR LONG, which includes:

  • Vigorous dynamic warmup exercises designed to warm you up safely
  • Flexibility and mobility exercises
  • Challenging drills to increase cardiovascular endurance and strength
  • Learning new skills and movements to increase coordination and balance
  • Core and abdominal training
  • Thorough cool down to promote recovery

This is a complete workout, from start to finish.

How does it work?

  • Group Size: Each group is no more than FIVE people. This is to ensure a small class size, and everyone gets individual attention.
  • How many groups: You can join either the Morning (7am) or Evening (4pm) Group.
  • How long: Each workout is 1 hour.
  • When: Workouts will be Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • How much?: To join either the morning or evening group it is $199 $175 per month.**Introductory Special!** This is the flat rate for the month.

This is a fun, fast paced way to get a complete workout that is challenging and (a little) competitive. Classes will fill fast so be sure to reserve your spot!

Click here to reserve your spot!

getstarted1Small Group Personal Training Classes in Long Beach


Nate is now Personal Training at No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy!

PT with Nate is now at No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy in Signal Hill!


With the needs of my current client base expanding and the potential for adding even more training options to the schedule, I chose No Limits Sports and Fitness Facility as the new base of operations.

Personal Training at No Limits Sports and FitnessNo Limits Sports and Fitness Academy is a 17,000 sq/ft.,  full service, sport and fitness training facility which offers a wider range of fitness options for me to pass on to personal training clients. Everything from free weights, to state of the art machines, kettlebells, climbing ropes, sleds, tires, medicine balls, punching bags and more, are available to help take your fitness to the next level. No Limits also has a full staff of highly qualified chiropractors and massage therapists.

This facility will be an excellent fit for my style of diverse training which incorporates many different training methods and athletic background. I feel this new location will enhance the training experience and allow me to reach more people with varying needs and goals. The advanced athlete, law enforcement, someone with specific fitness goals, special restrictions and corrective exercise, strength athletes and just the everyday person looking to lose weight for summer all will now have even more ways to get RESULTS when we train at No Limits!

In addition to personal training, look for small group training sessions to be added to the schedule.  This type of training will allow small groups to work together to enhance performance and results. This move is an awesome next step in bringing Top Notch Personal Training to more people and help more people achieve their fitness goals! Come check it out!

To schedule a FREE personal training consultation in the new facility feel free to email me.

The Key to Fitness: Happiness

jack lalanne fitnessI grew up in a fitness oriented family. My mom taught fitness classes, Jazzercise to be exact (yikes, no more silver leotards!) , my Dad was active in sports and I played outside til the streetlights came on. I was a product of the 70’s and 80’s I guess. My Mom was always fascinated by Jack Lalanne. She had all of his fitness gadgets and watched his show and, as a matter of fact, wrote to him and managed to sit down with him and interview him. I believe she still has the conversation on cassette. As a child that made an impact on me and how I viewed exercise, nutrition and fitness in general.

So today I happened to be looking around on Facebook (who doesn’t?) and ran across an old clip of Jack Lalanne talking about unhappy people. It piqued my interest because I was wondering how he would tie it in to fitness. Sure enough he did. Our body is an amazing machine but that amazing machine is made to move, walk, run, jump, bend, twist, lift, stretch etc. When we don’t move we become unhappy. This is one of the many reasons why, after surgeries, a physical therapist shows up in your hospital room to get you up and walk you around. It improves your mood and gets you healing!

Mr. Lalanne also mentions proper nutrition. Getting away from processed foods, fast foods, unhealthy foods. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meats, drinking plenty of water.  Most importantly he talks about being HAPPY. Improve your life by taking care of yourself.

Check out the video:

With the holidays around the corner, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Get plenty of water, quality food and plenty of exercise. Keep that body healthy and ultimately HAPPY!