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Welcome to! Here you will find  the Fitness Training services of Nate Alexander, your personal trainer in Long Beach, California, serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

With over 14 years experience of personal training in Long Beach, Nate brings his unique personal training style and diverse exercise background to help you reach fitness success. Nate believes in using many training methods and disciplines to help you reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently. This means far beyond the standard “gym” style of training, incorporating sport specific exercises, strength, endurance, power, speed and flexibility to create a well rounded workout that improves strength, flexibility, stamina and creates the body you want. The best part about such variety in your workouts is that ITS FUN! Whether the goal is fat loss, muscle gain, improved performance or quality of life, Nate will use a number of effective techniques and methods to get the RESULTS you want!

Nate is a treat to work with as a trainer. He is very reliable and consistent. I know he is excellent at customizing fitness programs for his clients. He has a loyal client base and I am one of them. Last but not least, he has a good sense of humor.

The Benefits of Personal Training with Nate!

  • Exercise instruction the right way, the safe way
  • Nutritional advice to help you get your food “life” on track
  • Personalized stretches to increase flexibility and promote correct posture
  • Challenging exercise programs that utilize many different training styles

The benefits of working with a personal trainer are numerous and directly related to your goals…

What is your goal?

Fitness goals are as diverse and individual to each person. We all have them at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes its to lose some weight, trim down or muscle up. Whatever the goal, there is an efficient way to reach it. There are a number of factors that need to be in line to achieve maximum results:

  • Correct dietary food intake
  • Proper resistance training for muscle tone
  • Cardiovascular and endurance training to improve fat burning
  • Professional guidance and motivation

Each fitness program Nate designs incorporates all these components because overall balance leads to faster results. Thats the fast track to fitness success. With over eleven years as a Long Beach personal trainer you’ll be sure to get the guidance and attention you deserve in reaching your fitness goals!.

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Feel free to call Nate direct at (562)225-2244